Law of first mention.


002T - Trinity Proof Text: Mark 2:5-12



008A - What is the Repeat & Enlarge Principle followed in the Bible?

The Repeat and Enlarge Principle

035A - Yahvah - The Lord God in Indian Veda



009A - Why was Cain’s offering refused or rejected or not favored by God Yahweh? (Genesis 4:1-26)

Please Read Full Chapter of Genesis Chapter 4 Verses 1 To 26

Genesis 4: 3, 4, 5 (WEB)
 3 As time passed, it happened that Cain brought an offering to Yahweh from the fruit of the ground. 4 Abel also brought some of the firstborn of his flock and of its fat. Yahweh respected Abel and his offering, 5 but he didn't respect Cain and his offering. 

042A - 100 Amazing Facts About The Sabbath and Sunday

100 Amazing Facts About The Sabbath and Sunday
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016A - New Testament Sabbath Proof 5. (Hebrews 4:8)

 New Testament Sabbath Proof 5. Hebrews 4:8

017A - New Testament Sabbath Proof 4. (Revelation 1:10)

New Testament Sabbath Proof 4. Revelation 1:10

018A - New Testament Sabbath Proof 3. (COLOSSIANS 2:16)

New Testament Sabbath Proof 3. COLOSSIANS 2:16 

020A - New Testament Sabbath Proof 2. (Mathew 12: 9-14)

 New Testament Sabbath Proof 2. Mathew 12: 9-14

019A - New Testament Sabbath Proof 1. (Mark 1:21)

New Testament Sabbath Proof 1. Mark 1:21

043A - Sabbath in the New Covenant.

Sabbath keeping in the New Covenant

Would you be surprised to learn that during the time the New Testament was being written that the entire Christian Church throughout the known world observed the Seventh day Sabbath? Yet there are Christians who erroneously claim that the Sabbath Commandment does not exist in the New Testament and therefore no longer has to be observed. This logic is fatally flawed as it is not the absence of something been said or a written record that makes a Commandment of God obsolete. Anything important that changed between the Old and New Testament has always been clearly stated in the Bible. If it is a Commandment of God, then what we need is an unmistakable and extremely clear directive that the Sabbath was abolished or changed to Sunday.

022A - What happened on each of the 6 days of Creation in the Genesis account in the Bible? (Genesis 1)

Genesis Chapter 1 Made Simple (With diagrams)

023A - Were the Creative Days in Genesis of 24 hours or 1000 years each? (Genesis 1)

The Days of Creation from God’s Viewpoint
GOD’S viewpoint! How far that towers above man’s viewpoint! God is infinite, without limitations. We are finite, very much limited. Well does Jehovah God say: “As the heavens are higher than the earth, so my ways are higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.”​—Isa. 55:9.

056A - Why the Pronoun ‘He’ is used when Holy Spirit is referred to in the Holy Scriptures? (John 14:16-17)

In the New Testament the Holy Spirit is often referenced with the personal pronoun “he,” “him,” or “himself.” Many will point to this as proof for the Trinity. For example, in John 14:16-17 Yahshua stated, “And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you forever; Even the Spirit of truth; whom the world cannot receive, because it seeth him not, neither knoweth him: but ye know him; for he dwelleth with you, and shall be in you.” The “whom” here refers to the comforter, which comes from the Greek parakletos, a masculine word in Greek.

027A - Nahum and Nineveh

The Hebrew name “Nahum” means “comfort” or “consolation.” The theme of the prophecy is the fate and destruction of Nineveh, the one-time capital city of the mighty Assyrian empire, which had destroyed Israel and taken many inhabitants of the land captive (722 B.C.).

024A - Two Yahweh's or just One. (GENESIS 19:24)

I did a Serious & Prayerful Scripture Study on Genesis 19:24. I have come up with the below explanation, but after collecting, comparing, collating, and checking on various multiple sources. I WANT TO BE CLEAR ON THIS PLEASE: The purpose of this communication is NOT for any tiny Sand or Straw of Personal Credit or Gratification, but let Praise, Honor and Glory be of Yahweh.

Having said that………………………………

028A - Why was there Hate between the Jews and Samaritan communities during Jesus time in Jerusalem? (John 4:9)

When Jesus reached the famous well at Shechem and asked a Samaritan woman for a drink, she replied full of surprise: "Jews do not associate with Samaritans” (John 4:9). 

025A - Psalms 110

Psalms 110

029A - Why were Michael and Satan disputing over the body of Moses (Jude 9)?

Why were Michael and Satan disputing over the body of Moses (Jude 9)? Why did the dead body of Moses have to be protected by Michael the Archangel?
The first of the Ten Commandments states that we are to have no other gods before the true God (Exodus 20:1 - 3). Satan, always looking for ways to deceive humans, wanted to make the body of Moses and his grave an object of worship.

021A - "What does it mean that Zerubbabel was the LORD’s signet ring (Haggai 2:23)?"

030A - Mystery worship? (John 4:22)

036A - Why is Jonah called a "Drama Queen", humorously? (Jonah 4:9)

Prophet Jonah (found in the book of the same name) was a "drama queen" who makes us laugh in retrospect. After running from God, being rescued from drowning by spending three days in a fish's belly, and then complaining that God rescued Nineveh from destruction.

Jonah throws a tantrum about a vine dying because it made him so hot and uncomfortable to lose its leafy shade. In Jonah 4:9 he complains 4 times repeatedly in a short span of time to Yahweh God about the vine saying, "I am angry enough to die." Doesn't it make you want to say, "Good grief, Jonah. Lighten up! Cheer up!" God must have had a good sense of humor not only to put up/tolerate this Prophet but also he used Jonah for his glory and purposes.

038A - What are the LOVE FEASTS mentioned only once at Jude 1:12?

Love Feasts?

The feasts of charity, the αγαπαι or love feasts, of which the apostle speaks, were in use in the primitive Church till the middle of the fourth century, when, by the council of Laodicea, they were prohibited to be held in the Churches; and, having been abused, fell into disuse. 

039A - BORN AGAIN: Clearing the Confusion. (John 3:3,7)

 The term “born again” refers to a new beginning in the relationship between God and the person who is born again. (John 3:3, 7)

 God adopts those born again as his children. (Romans 8:15, 16; Galatians 4:5; 1 John 3:1) Similar to those who are legally adopted, they experience a change of status, becoming part of God’s family.2 Corinthians 6:18.

040A - Why Nicodemus came to talk to Yahshua (Jesus) at night time in the dark? (John 3:2)

Nicodemus appears three times in the Gospels;

FIRST TIME at John 3:2 during the night time at dark.

SECOND TIME at John 7:51 Nicodemus spoke up when the Pharisees were trying to find fault with Christ: “Does our law judge a man before it hears him and knows what he is doing?”

THIRD TIME at John 19:38 and 39 we find him assisting Joseph of Arimathea in a proper burial of Jesus. 

014A - “WE WORSHIP WHAT WE KNOW” – Messiah Yahshua (Jesus) (John 4:22)

Cambridge English Dictionary
Mystery definition: 1. something strange or not known that has not yet been explained or understood:

044A - Why was there Hate between the Jews and Samaritan communities during Jesus time in Jerusalem? (John 4:9)

When Jesus reached the famous well at Shechem and asked a Samaritan woman for a drink, she replied full of surprise: "Jews do not associate with Samaritans” (John 4:9). In the ancient world, relations between Jews and Samaritans were indeed strained.  Feelings of ill will probably went back before the separation of the northern and southern Jewish kingdoms. Even then there was a lack of unity between the tribes of Jacob.